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Is your whole family exhausted from lack of sleep? Do you need your child to sleep through the night but are confused or frustrated with how to get there? With Baby Brilliance, look no further! Baby Brilliance will put an end to sleepless nights and solve your child’s night struggles once and for all. You will get the support and education to get your child sleeping through the night, with minimal tears, so everyone can finally sleep again. We believe that sleep solves everything!

We are so happy you are here taking this first step! Our biggest hope is that you and your entire family get the sleep you need! We strive to help every family feel well-rested. We are dedicated to helping parents succeed through evidence-based information, coaching, hands-on care, and continual support. We offer a plethora of services to ensure that you and your baby get the perfect start for a safe and healthy life!

Our Services

Newborn Care &
Postpartum Support

We know this is a critical time for your family and our team of highly qualified postpartum professionals are here to support you with customized care and education for your newborn during the day, overnight, or 24/7.


At Baby Brilliance our goal is to provide a full service approach to our families including birth doulas, childbirth educators, personalized baby registry, nursery set up, newborn education, lactation support, and more!

Sleep Coaching
& Consulting

Our professional sleep experts provide in-home and virtual coaching by providing a customized sleep plan. We will work together with you to create a routine that works for your child and improve your child’s sleep.

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Who is Baby Brilliance?

Baby Brilliance is a full service newborn concierge agency providing prenatal through postpartum support for families in their private home or virtually. Our team of elite specialists provide exceptional care coupled with evidence-based education while respecting your personal preferences to provide your family with incomparable, world class support.

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What our families are saying:

"Upon welcoming our son (our first child) into the world, our family hired Katie Coleman to work as a Newborn Care Specialist in our home. Katie came highly recommended to us and it did not take long to understand why. She is nurturing, trustworthy and fantastic with newborns. We would certainly recommend her to other new parents seeking assistance. Katie demonstrated tremendous responsibility in taking care of our son and helping him navigate the first six transformative months of his life. She quickly earned not only our trust but Declan’s, too. She also displayed a lot of compassion and sensitivity to our concerns about keeping our son safe throughout the pandemic. Thanks to her years of experience, our little guy embraced the daily schedule she crafted for him, and after just six weeks with Katie on the job, our son was sleeping soundly -- nearly 12 hours each night. In witnessing our son’s development, we have come to really appreciate the importance of several solid naps throughout the day and a full night of sleep, often resulting in visible step-function improvements in a matter of a few short days. We’ve seen these benefits play out repeatedly across several developmental milestones that have been reached well ahead of schedule – from raising his head during tummy time or sitting up by himself to crawling or brushing his own (two) teeth. We are also convinced that the structured schedule Katie has crafted has helped our son make sense of his surroundings while giving him a greater sense of control over his environment, all of which has translated into clear emotional benefits. In fact, friends and family regularly comment on how calm and happy he appears to be. As demonstrated by Katie’s willingness to uproot her own life and relocate for the job with our family, it is clear to us that working as a Newborn Care Specialist is a passion for her. We unequivocally recommend Katie Coleman for future new parents."

Erin B.

Linda was our Newborn Care Specialist and we could not say enough amazing things about her. She has been with us with all three of our children. She is so professional, always on time and we learned so much from her. She always made us feel comfortable and we knew that our babies were always in good hands. I would highly recommend her and we will be forever grateful for her!

Emilie F.

"We hired Katie after two glowing reviews from colleagues. All I can say is GAME CHANGER! She sleep trained our five month old daughter in two nights and had her on a schedule that definitely made every day so much easier for our family! A few scattered naps turned into three solid ones after her work was done and we loved her so much that we reached back out for help with our three year old son. She sent us a plan ASAP for our toddler and it took us about three nights to get his sleep in line with our daughters plan. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience. She is friendly, loving and you feel completely reassured throughout the entire process. Katie is absolutely brilliant and I would highly recommend her to everyone!"

Kottie K.

Sleep deprivation is the pits. I knew it wouldn’t be pleasant, but I could not accurately imagine just how hard it would be until we were experiencing it. When you have a new baby, any extra sleep you can get helps you be a better parent, partner, colleague and human being. And the faster we can teach our children how to get great quality sleep, the better they will feel too. Experts really do know how to safely and gently teach kids – even really young babies – how to fall asleep easier, soothe themselves back to sleep when they do wake up, and sleep longer. If you can hire expert help for overnights and sleep training: do it! If you can hire Katie Coleman, even better.
Here are 7 reasons why:

  • She sets the professional standard for Newborn Care Specialists. She is experienced, educated, connected and reliable.
  • Katie is a straight shooter. She will give you her best advice, not just what you want to hear.
  • She never compromises on safety. We trusted her right away with our newborn.
  • I imagine many people feel apprehensive about having a stranger in their home, waking them up in the middle of the night (I know I did!). Katie is respectful of privacy and goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.
  • Her advice doesn’t end at sleep training. If you want/need it, she will share her extensive expertise with all kinds of tips and suggestions.
  • Katie always treated our baby like the individual that he is, making sure not to push him too fast.
  • Katie really cared about our family. Months later she still checks in with us.

They say “it takes a village”…but who has one of those? If you can cobble one together that includes Katie, consider yourself a very lucky family.

Jennie G.

“Katie has been caring for our 4-month-old girl for two months now. She comes when we’re going to bed, and enables us to sleep with the utmost assurance that Rosemary will be okay. She knows her way around newborns AND nervous moms, and has soothed and reassured both of us numerous times these past weeks. She is also lovely to be around, and very easygoing and respectful. It’s a real pleasure to have her staying nights with us, which I imagine isn’t always the case in tight quarters like ours. This past week, we went ahead and did some sleep coaching, despite my many assorted fears. She didn’t dismiss my fears, and was happy to go over the why, what and how as many times as I needed. She was also happy to alter the sleep coaching according to what made me comfortable. In the hours before that first night, Katie and I texted back and forth, and at the end of a long line of anxious questioning on my part, she simply answered ‘I promise I will take good care of her.’ And, coming from Katie, I knew it would be true. We will miss her when she leaves, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Newborn Care Specialist or Sleep Coach.

Jenna F.

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Locations in Texas: San Antonio, Stone oak, New Braunfels, Westlake hills, lake travis, Seguin, Austin, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Houston, Dallas