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Baby Brilliance is an all-in-one baby concierge supporting expecting families from pregnancy through the newborn stage and beyond. We are a team of Birth Doulas, Newborn Care Specialists, Lactation Consultants, Nannies, and more! Although our team was originally established in Southern California, we have now branched out to serve families nationwide, and are located in South Central Texas. Our goal is to build a beautiful and brilliant custom experience for each and every family.

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Baby Brilliance is an evidence-based practice combining professional expertise, family preferences, and evidence-based information. Baby Brilliance prides itself on having the highest qualified professionals in the industry. We believe in integrity, ongoing education, mentoring, and always staying up to date with the latest information to provide our families with the greatest level of support.



We believe that each and every family is special and unique, which is why everything we do is customized to your family’s needs and goals prenatally through the newborn stage and beyond. We offer services for every budget, customized to you and your family.


Katie Coleman

Premier Certified and Master NCS


Katie Coleman, founder/owner of Baby Brilliance, is an experienced and highly sought-after Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Coach. She has dedicated her life to supporting and educating exhausted and overwhelmed parents through common sleep challenges. Katie has a passionate desire to always provide solutions for every family in their unique situation, ensuring they get all the support they need. With over 15 years of professional experience with newborns and young children, she specializes in sleep coaching and caring for multiples, from twins to quintuplets. Katie is a member of numerous organizations, including the Newborn Care Specialist Association, the Central Texas Doula Association, the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, the International Nanny Association, and the World Association for Mental Health.

Katie’s extensive credentials include level 3 Premier Certified, CACHE Certified and Master Newborn Care Specialist, Elite Newborn Care Specialist, Advanced Newborn Care Specialist, Certified Sleep Coach, Postpartum Doula, and Lactation Educator. She values ongoing education and always stays up to date with the latest research to provide clients with new, evidence-based information. She empowers her clients with confidence and reassurance through her wealth of training knowledge, parenting resources, first-hand experience and her professional approach to custom client support.

After receiving a bachelor's degree in counseling and taking numerous child development courses, Katie began building a successful childcare career, following her passion. She first worked as a professional nanny and night nanny, specializing in newborns and young children, and then obtained training as a Newborn Care Specialist. Katie started her sleep coaching journey in 2015 and has completed numerous sleep training courses through the Baby Sleep Trainer, Family Sleep Institute (4-Week Newborn Sleep Workshop), and currently finishing her training as a Gentle Sleep Coach.

Using all of her experience and knowledge, Katie created Baby Brilliance to serve new families through the newborn stage and beyond. She initially founded her company in Southern California, after a lifelong dream, but currently resides in South Texas with her husband and three children. Katie offers her personal services both virtually and in person, often traveling around the country to create a beautiful and brilliant custom experience for every family.

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Our Team of Newborn Professionals

Baby Brilliance is comprised of an elite team of highly experienced and certified birth and postpartum professionals designed to provide you the nation’s finest quality of care. We firmly believe that having quality trained and educated providers are essential to your birth and postpartum experience. It is important that we can provide you and your family with the perfect specialist to create a personal connection while providing personalized support. All of our Baby Brilliance Specialists are exceptionally experienced with newborn care, multiples (twins or more!), infant feeding, breastfeeding support, feeding aversions, reflux, and much more. Baby Brilliance strives to have the best in the industry and ensures only the most qualified professionals join our team!

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CACHE Certified, Advanced NCS

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What do our clients say?

We cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional care and support provided by Katie Coleman and Linda Johnson of Baby Brillance during an incredibly challenging time for our family. Our little one arrived into the world six weeks earlier than expected, and to add to the complexity, was diagnosed with silent reflux early on. As overwhelmed first-time parents, the prospect of caring for a preemie with additional health concerns seemed daunting, but the experience from Linda and Katie guided us through those early weeks with unparalleled expertise and warmth. Due to our little one arriving so early, Linda stepped in for Katie at the beginning of our contract while Katie finished her time with a different family. Linda immediately made us feel comfortable with this change with her extensive knowledge and experience with preemie babies, and offered guidance from everything from pumping to pacifiers. One of the standout qualities of Baby Brillance was their keen understanding of the challenges associated with premature birth and silent reflux. They seamlessly adapted her care techniques to meet our baby's unique needs, providing specialized support that went above and beyond our expectations. Their knowledge about feeding techniques, positioning, and sleep routines tailored to our preemie's condition played a crucial role in improving our baby's overall comfort and well-being. Moreover, the emotional support they offered to us as parents was invaluable. Their compassionate presence and willingness to address our concerns, answer questions, and offer practical advice made navigating the uncertainties of early parenthood significantly more manageable. It was evident that both Katie and Linda were not just doing a job but genuinely cared about our family's welfare. They also do a fabulous job of celebrating every little milestone and improvement along the way. We wholeheartedly recommend Baby Brilliance to any family in need of support, especially those facing the unique challenges associated with preterm birth and silent reflux. Their expertise, compassion, and dedication transformed a daunting situation into a journey filled with hope and positivity. We are eternally grateful for the impact they had on our family during those crucial early weeks.

Michelle M & Matt H

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Katie as a Newborn Care Specialist. Katie provided exceptional care for our baby during her time with us. Her dedication, knowledge, and expertise were invaluable in ensuring a smooth and restful experience for our family. Katie's ability to get our baby to sleep soundly through the night was nothing short of remarkable. Her nurturing approach and deep understanding of infant sleep patterns allowed us to enjoy much-needed rest, knowing that our baby was in capable hands. Katie's gentle and patient demeanor created a comforting environment for our child, fostering healthy sleep habits that have persisted long after her time with us. Beyond her expertise in sleep training, Katie played a crucial role in assisting us with various transitions. She seamlessly guided us through the transition from a bassinet to a crib, ensuring our baby's safety and comfort throughout the process. She also skillfully managed the switch from swaddle to sleep sack, making sure our baby remained cozy and secure during sleep. What truly sets Katie apart is her comprehensive understanding of all facets of baby care. She not only provided us with practical advice but also shared valuable recommendations for optimal baby care routines. Her insights into soothing techniques, developmental milestones, and maintaining a nurturing environment were invaluable to us as new parents. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Katie as a Newborn Care Specialist to any family seeking top-notch care for their baby. Her professionalism, expertise, and genuine care make her an exceptional choice. Katie's dedication to ensuring our baby's well-being and our peace of mind were evident throughout her time with us. She has become an integral part of our parenting journey, and we are immensely grateful for the positive impact she has had on our family.


 “After welcoming quintuplets into our home, Katie made our transition from two to seven kids so much easier. It’s rare to find someone with so much experience with multiples. She was so great to our entire family, and provided us with valuable training every time she came by to help care for the quints."


"Upon welcoming our son (our first child) into the world, our family hired Katie Coleman to work as a Newborn Care Specialist in our home. Katie came highly recommended to us and it did not take long to understand why. She is nurturing, trustworthy and fantastic with newborns. We would certainly recommend her to other new parents seeking assistance. Katie demonstrated tremendous responsibility in taking care of our son and helping him navigate the first six transformative months of his life. She quickly earned not only our trust but our son’s, too. She also displayed a lot of compassion and sensitivity to our concerns about keeping our son safe throughout the pandemic. Thanks to her years of experience, our little guy embraced the daily schedule she crafted for him, and after just six weeks with Katie on the job, our son was sleeping soundly -- nearly 12 hours each night. In witnessing our son’s development, we have come to really appreciate the importance of several solid naps throughout the day and a full night of sleep, often resulting in visible step-function improvements in a matter of a few short days. We’ve seen these benefits play out repeatedly across several developmental milestones that have been reached well ahead of schedule – from raising his head during tummy time or sitting up by himself to crawling or brushing his own (two) teeth. We are also convinced that the structured schedule Katie has crafted has helped our son make sense of his surroundings while giving him a greater sense of control over his environment, all of which has translated into clear emotional benefits. In fact, friends and family regularly comment on how calm and happy he appears to be. As demonstrated by Katie’s willingness to uproot her own life and relocate for the job with our family, it is clear to us that working as an NCS is a passion for her. We unequivocally recommend Katie Coleman as an NCS for future new parents."


"Katie sets the professional standard for Newborn Care Specialists. She is experienced, educated, connected and reliable. Katie will give you her best advice, and not just what you want to hear. She will never compromise on safety, and we trusted her right away! Her advice does not end at sleep training, she will share her extensive expertise with all kinds of tips and suggestions, if you want or need it. Katie is respectful of privacy and will always go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. But most important, Katie always treated our baby like the individual that he is, making sure not to push him too fast. She really cared about him and our family. Months later she still checks in with us. They say “it takes a village”...but who has one of those? If you can cobble one together that includes Katie, consider yourself a very lucky family."


"She was reliable, experienced, knowledge, and beyond helpful, and a life changer. I can honestly say it was the best money I’ve ever spent, and if I had to do it again I would in a heartbeat. Hindsight, really is 20/20, and if I only knew how life altering this process would be I would have saved myself a lot of grief. Since words cannot say how truly grateful we are to Katie, I would happily be willing to discuss further if interested. We’ve already been recommending her to friends and family!”


“Katie was so kind and truly cared about my son’s sleep and us. She was extremely supportive and very educated. She comforted me when I needed it and all of her advice worked within 2 days for my 18 month old toddler. Thank you Katie for your love and support. Thank you again for everything.”


"After the first couple of nights, our son was sleeping 11-12 hours and has ever since! AMAZING! We could not believe it and could not be more thankful for Katie and Baby Brilliance. Now we are all getting the rest we need and that makes for a much happier and healthier household.”


"Katie Coleman worked for us as a Newborn Care Specialist and was so helpful. Our son was a preemie and with that came a lot of challenges at night. She was caring and knowledgeable about them and provided lots of good advice. I particularly liked when I would wake up and find him sleeping on her after he had been having a rough night. She wasn’t going to let him be uncomfortable alone, rather would provide the care I would as his mother. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you during the nights when you have a newborn. She can work with you on solutions for issues and be a person you can count on when you need to give yourself a little self care.”


"When our 17 month old son went through a sleep regression, we were referred to Katie. We hired her for 5 nights to get him back on track after months of 2-3 nightly wake ups. Katie had him sleep trained in just 3 nights! Since then, he continues to sleep 12 hours a night. Katie also helped us with optimizing our evening routine and feedings which ensured the best chance of success. Katie was always on time and extremely professional! We are so grateful to her and I would highly recommend her for any job.”