It’s Just About Time to “Fall Back”!

It’s Just About Time to “Fall Back”!

Daylight Saving Time is coming to an end on November 3, and parents are beginning to dread the way-too-early morning wake-ups! But now is the time to get your child ready to “Fall Back” so the time change does not wreak havoc on your household!

Everyday, plan to push your child’s entire routine later by 15 minute increments over the course of 4 days (or adjust as needed to fit your child). Be consistent with starting your morning 15 minutes later on the clock every day. Your child’s wake periods and nap lengths, will remain the same every single day. Naturally, your child’s bedtime will shift 15 minutes later on the clock each night. To help your child adjust to the time change, increase the white noise at bedtime and early morning to remain on schedule.

When “Falling Back” it is important to note that this adjustment shifts your baby’s circadian rhythm. This can be a tough adjustment, and you will experience some early morning wake-ups. If you are struggling more than just a few days, remember that Baby Brilliance is here to support you, and can offer assistance and resources for any sleep concerns. We provide step-by-step coaching support to set you up for success!

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