She’s priceless!

Katie, Owner of Baby Brilliance

Potential Baby Brilliance clients always ask the age-old question, “What are we paying for when hiring a Newborn Care Specialist?” Beyond the obvious responsibility of newborn care, your newborn care specialist sacrifices a lot to spend her nights with your baby. So what do you pay for? You pay for your specialist to:

  • Have logic and common sense
  • Be patient with your baby
  • Be away from her own children/family
  • Respond to messages during her own personal time
  • Keep you company and be your friend on those long, exhausting nights
  • Give her undivided attention in your home
  • Be well-rested and healthy in exchange for offering you rest
  • Be dependable and punctual
  • Educate and navigate you through new waters of parenthood
  • Give up her sleep to stay educated and up to date on current recommendations
  • Be calm in the middle of the storm
  • Listen to you and your concerns without judgment
  • Prioritize your family and your baby’s health over her own

Despite the lack of sleep, our Specialists love what they do, but they are giving up their own quality sleep and their own health for their services. Next time you question why you are spending so much money on newborn care, remember what your Baby Brilliance Specialist sacrifices to provide you with the highest quality of care!

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